Monday, April 2, 2007

Society for Applied Anthropology Annual Meeting

I have not posted on the blog in the past several days because I was attending the annual meeting of the Society for Applied Anthropology. I presented a paper titled, “Thinking Problem: Rethinking Ethnographic Methods in Relation to a Study of Students' Cultural Models of Drinking,” a draft of which I previously posted as a blog entry on March 23.

My paper was part of a panel of presentations by applied anthropologists reflecting on their use of research methods after we attended together a National Science Foundation supported summer seminar on mixed qualitative-quantitative research methods for anthropology taught by William Dressler and Kathryn Oths (both of the University of Alabama).

I’d like here to thank Dianna Shandy (Macalester College) for her work in organizing the session and my fellow participants for their insightful papers: Elizabeth S. England Kennedy (BHRCS), Paul Managhan (University of South Florida), Katherine Metzo (UNC-Charlotte), Amy Mountcastle (SUNY-Plattsburgh), Jon Poehlman (RTI International), Dianna Shandy (Macalester College), and Emily Stovel (Ripon College). I’d also again like to give great thanks to Dressler and Oths for the quality of their seminar last summer and for their insightful comments as discussants (a true rarity) this past weekend.

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